We will always find the appropriate solution for you!

It does not matter if your load is too heavy, too wide or too long, we have the right equipment for it. Each day our team has to solve the new questions, which require the highest level of organization and concentrated work. We meet this challenge daily.

For all possible cargoes, e.g.:

  • excavators, caterpillars, cranes
  • industrial Equipment
  • scaffold and crane parts
  • concrete elements
  • control cabinets
  • constructions, machinery

… suitable equipment is at our disposal.

Certainly we take care of the preliminary planning and coordination work.

  • organization of handling operations
  • transport route examination
  • transport permits obtaining with regard to the specific particularities of each country
  • organization of the police escort
  • traffic controlling measures (road closure, removal of traffic lights and traffic signs)
  • solution of customs formalities
  • optimal insurance for the cargoes